High-Performance Computing


High Performance Mobile Intelligence

  • Federated Learning on Mobile Devices
  • Distributed Deep Neural Network (DNN) System on Mobile Devices
  • Resource-Aware Dynamic DNN Reconfiguration for Mobile Systems


Low Power Mobile Computing Systems

  • Comprehensive Power Consumption Analysis for Mobile Systems and Applications
  • Performance Retaining Real-time CPU/GPU Scheduling for Mobile Computing Systems
  • User Behavior based Mobile Sensor Scheduling

System Security


Intelligence System Robustness, Security

  • Algorithm Study for Adversarial Attack and Defense
  • DNN Model Robustness Analysis and Interpretation
  • Secured Mobile Application Design against Adversarial Attack (e.g., Object Detection, Automatic Speech Recognition, etc.)


Mobile Device Authentication

  • Machine Learning based User Finger Operation Behavior Modeling
  • Mobile Gesture-based Authentication Schemes

Mobile Display


Organic Ligh Emitting(OLED) Related Display Technologies

  • Low Power OLED-based Mobile Display System Design and Optimization
  • Circuit Design of OLED Pixel for Fine-grained Dynamic Voltage Scaling
  • Sensing & Compensation Circuit Design for OLED Non-uniformity Degradation


Low Power Mobile Display with Human Computer Interaction

  • Mobile User Finger-Gaze Behavior Modeling
  • HCI-based “FigureShaow” for Low-power Smartphone UI Design
  • “Dynamic Display Tone” – A Low-Power OLED UI System Designed for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Series

Other Projects


Digital Circuit and Memory Related Works

  • Circuit Modeling and Analysis for STT-RAM Crossbar Circuits
  • Circuit Implementation and Analysis for Neuromorphic Circuits
  • Chip Tape-out of a 4K STT-RAM Chip Set — A Joint Project with SMIC and the Chinese Academy of Science Physics Institute