Mobile Computing


High Performance Mobile System for Deep Learning

  • Distributed Deep Neural Network (DNN) system on mobile devices;
  • Accelerated Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) on mobile devices.


Low Power Mobile Computing Systems

  • Real-time power consumption analysis for mobile system and applications;
  • Performance retaining real-time CPU/GPU scheduling for mobile graphic system;
  • User motion based low-frequency GPS sampling and route reconstruction system for low power navigation on wearable device.

Mobile Display


Organic Ligh Emitting(OLED) Related Display Technologies

  • Mobile OLED-friendly recording and playback system for low power video streaming;
  • Dynamic tone mapping for OLED display power saving based on video classification;
  • Low-power circuit design of OLED pixel for fine-grained dynamic voltage scaling;
  • Sensing & compensation circuit design of OLED panel for display enhancement of non-uniformity & degradation.


Mobile Graphic Rendering Technologies

  • Low-power VR/AR system design;
  • Distributed parallel rendering framework for local wireless mobile device cluster;
  • Quality Retaining Display Rendering Workload Scaling based on User-Smartphone Distance.

Mobile Security

  • Fast generation and detection framework of adversarial attack examples;
  • Residual learning network for restoration of adversarial attack examples;
  • Machine learning based user finger operation modeling, and its application on mobile device authentication.

Education and Others


Education Oreinted Project


Digital Circuit, CMOS VLSI and other Related Works

  • Circuit modeling & performance analysis for STT-RAM crossbar circuits;
  • ircuit implementation & performance analysis for classic neural synapse circuits;
  • Chip tape-out of a 4K STT-RAM chip set, a joint project with SMIC and Chinese Academy of Science Physics Institute.